A poet of jazz and Celtic harmonies, Amanda Trees gives a smooth classical feel and her own spin to standards, pop, folk, rock, stream-of-consciousness…


If You Have Seen The Golden Deer

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“That’s beautiful. Your voice blends so well with the music and the images. The overall effect is mesmerizing.” 

— Brian Wheeler, Music Journalist

“It's just lovely! So peaceful and I can see all kind of images — deer in the countryside, birds flying undisturbed, waves flowing gently at the shore. Magical, actually.” 

— Eileen Obser, Author, Educator

“A very lovely song… Really makes you stop and think about what possibilities life contains. Thanks so much for sharing with me…” 

— Caroline Thomas, Founder/Artistic Director, 

Total Theater Lab

“I felt like I was on a journey through time, and through nature, and also through the inner chambers of my being. Bravo! So soothing, and yet not at all soporific. I felt I needed to stay awake to see what was around the next bend. So many different sounds....chimes, piccolos, percussion, oh my!” 

— Tom Shaw, Author, “Cry of Love” Blog